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My ongoing Big, Fat, Crazy Project... A Year of Songs


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Last fall I decided to create a blog/podcast that would finally collect more or less straight, acoustic versions of all my songs (that are fit for the light of day) and post one a day for a year.


(With some repetition, mind you. I have about 135 different songs so far, including a couple of new ones written in the last few weeks)


With each song, I scribble something or other about the song or something inspired by it. Often, these days, that takes the form of a short autobiographical (or not so autobiographical) vignette.


I post the songs/blog to my blogsite:





... and also to my page at the very cool www.OurMedia.org -- and they're available for (free) podcast subscription via links at AYoS headquarters.


[3 of the 4 music tracks currently featured on the OurMedia front page are mine -- that's how I know they're cool. :D ]


I don't have proper numbers on streams and downloads [the media actually streams from the Internet Archive servers and the OurMedia site only counts page views, not actual streams or downloads; what look like DL counts on the media pages are simply view numbers for those pages... but they're superfluous to the actual media, if you see what I mean, and don't reflect streams and downloads... it's confusing] but after a week or so, most of my blog entries at OurMedia have been viewed closing in on an average of 100 or so, some quite a bit more. (Of course, they could easily be clicking in and going... Aw... geez, not THIS guy again! :D )



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Uh... no.


That actually sounds much hipper than what I've got.



But I was fooling around with the links after I posted this (trying to get that image to be a link, too, this BB has slightly different syntax than I'm used to).


If you get a chance to try it again and it still doesn't work, please lemme know!


And thanks for trying! ;)





I checked out "To Hell with You" and "Bullet with Your Name"... I like your kinda sneering vocals [i'm an old punker deep down].


Love to hear some of this with drums.

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Originally posted by ToxicBass

Yes, so would I.





Everything comes in time.



Uh... as they say.



Still getting rectangles & triangles.



Huh... weird. I use a URL forwarding scheme... if you feel like beating your head on the wall, you might try the literal address:







PS... and good luck to you in getting hooked up with some drums! I think you've got an interesting take, there. A good beat and a little polish and...



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Hey, thanks, man. It's one of my own favorites. (It's also called "So, How Does It Look from the Stars?" elsewhere.)


It's a bit sloppy in many respects, a bit of amp hum naked at the beginning and end (I think I must have been making some kind of "statement" or something... :D ) -- but there was something about the mix I liked enough to just say, "Okay, done" at a point when I would normally have continued working it.


But I've leaned hard into a kind of lo fi mentality, anyway. I think, after struggling for any kind of slickness working around the bottom of the analog studio foodchain in the '80s, after I set up my own digital project studio in the 90s, a certain kind of (unsatisfying) glossiness was all too easy.


And it was that recognition that made me start looking at other components of how I was making my music.


It may seem perplexing to many folks listening to some of my more self-indulgently sloppy work that I would willingly elect to put it out. Sadly, I think my personal options are polar opposites: the current level of self-indulgence and slapdash production quality or a more "professional" slickness combined with music which has been overworked and is now, on some level, stiff and lacking immediacy.



It's a devil's bargain, to be sure.

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