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another collab effort with False Haruspex-"The Quest"


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Originally posted by gonzo-x

le bump


le reply


Didn't see you post this, glad you bumped it. I'm a big jam band fan. Phish, Widespread, String Cheese... this is right up there with those boys.


Great guitar work, good tone and nice finger feel. Clean but non-mechanical playing. It sounds like it was recorded at a lower volume, though. I like to crank the volume, close the door and blast away, it makes for a better tone, too.

Also, since it's just one guitar, you could double the signal and pan one left and one right for a more full feel.


Is that a VST or a real drum beat? I'm guessing it's real- but what kind of mics did you use? I'm hearing a pretty small room- if that's true, there's not much you can do about that.


Bass is nice, too- good player! I'd like a wamer tone and bring it up a bit in the mix. (Which would mean bringing down the guitar slightly.)


Maybe at some (just a dash) reverb and compression to the overall mix?

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Very nicely done. The guitar tone and some of the guitar licks remind me alot of Joe Satriani. Thanks for bumping this one up because I would have hated to miss this one.


I like this piece alot more than the first one you posted. I think it will interesting to hear the whole piece in it's entirerity (although 67 minutes might be a long song)


keep up the good work.

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this is a short snippet of a 67 minute instrumental collaboration with False Haruspex, you can find them here:



this features Gregory Straathof and David Lamden on bass and drums.....

gonzo on guitaristic noise.


it's a collaboration, involving several musicians, and i'm only the first to get a pass at it, after the bass player and drummer wrote and arranged the whole thing..


Christopher Kai

thanks for responding......

it WAS recorded at a lower volume than stage volume, but i found a tone i liked, and it just happened to require a lower DB.......

this is a live drum track, mixed down to stereo for me to play along with, to do my parts....

it's all going to be remixed once it's made the rounds, being a collaboration and all....




you know, this one is more like a melodic thing, whereas the other was just about that 'visual' of heads on stakes and all that manic {censored}.......

this one is more about searching for something, and it takes a long time to search, and eventually, later, you find it..... and this is approximately the middle of the journey here...


i'm not sure what this is for, the long instrumental, unless it's simply for the fun of it...

i could see someone taking certain sections of this thing, and applying it to a soundtrack, though there's nothing behind the story except a long dissertation that the false haruspex guys sent me to use as a 'go-by' for visualizations of the different sections.

i could post what they sent me, but i'd rather give them a chance to work with everyone else that will be on the project first.


this, of course, is just a first pass, with only my stuff..


these guys are going to get other collaborators, on their end, to add, jeez, who knows what else..


so this is not representative of the final product, only a simple mix with only my tracks added to the basic bass and drums i recieved...

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Catching this before it gets away to page 2.


This is a great collab - some of the best playing I've heard.


If you're reading this you should listen to the track and you'll see/hear what I mean.


Gonzo-X - your playing never ceases to amaze me - tasty, soulful, the right tone and excellent playing.


Pass my compliments to the bass player and drummer.



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