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Making a MIDI version of this short clip...


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This is my first shot at doing this. I am trying to replicate a short WAV tune in MIDI format. I'm using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, with no piano keyboard... just regular PC keyboard + mouse. Crappy no-name motherboard with on-board sound. I am a non-musician.


The original WAV audio file:



My newb MIDI progress so far:



It seemed easiest to try and match up the drums with the music first, so that's what I did so far. My first problem is I haven't been able to get comfortable with setting the right tempo. I've used a tempo BMP tapper program... but what do I tap along to, the snare drum? It seems like I can tap fast and be in sync, or tap slow and still sound natural too.


Then if I feel I am using the correct tempo, it's some wierd number like "73" possibly, then what I find is in Cakewalk the timeline "grid" doesn't match with what I'm creating so it's difficult.


Anyways I think eventually I will get the drums down, just taking forever.


Next, I tried throwing in what I thought was some kind of bass thing going on in the background... is it a real heavy drum, or is it a bass guitar, I don't know. I am just trying to replicate the sound I hear. I still have to add more of it, and better synchronized.


Right after the start of the file is the beginnings of the piano instrument... I don't know where that will go. I am trying and trying different instruments to get a similar sound.


Does anyone have any tips and tricks on doing this?

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