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Looking for opinions on Garageband.com


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www.taxi.com .. www.broadjam.com ..

isnt it worth it to pay to get serious recognition? my space where a lot of artists are getting serious recognition for free and actually going places too. Its not an easy road you have to do some serious foot work yourself do videos and what not and get the word out to lots of people. Its like the story of the beatles, no one even looked at them until they started drawing serious attention then everyone wanted to them sign them. if u draw enuff attention record companies scramble to get you.


Taxi is an excellent place but they charge also but they can get u recording deals if you got the stuff! and its not just songs, people pay for musical noise to put in films also... broad jam holds contests u just got to get the people to the site to vote. i would suggest make some videos and place them on my space. get involved! u cant do it then go away, u have to stay on it.

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