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Another horrible song for you to read.


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She said, son how do you feel?

you've look sicker than you ever have before,


and i said..oh no don't you worry... 'cause.



i'm not really the color blue

i'm just dying, and how are you?


i've bit off a bit more than i can chew.

and the darkness is coming through..a little more now, than it ever did before.



i can't take it all at once.

i've done it before, but i can't do it again. and i'm just.


dying slowly, every minute

i look around, the room is spinning. a litle more now, than it ever did before.





i just wrote it. it'll probably be editted. the rhythm is odd..and not all the words are supposed to match/rhyme.. i rhymed alot really simple. that way..when i didn't rhyme..it'd stand out/be more tense...


it's a folk tune. :o

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