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Our New CD


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Howdo dudes and dudettes.....newbie here. My band 'Durham' just finished up a CD and figured I'd toss out a few samples to get some feedback. Lemme know what you think...



This is 'Heart'.....one of the lighter tunes on the CD...




And on the opposite end of the spectrum, this is 'Minuteman'. Not that it is heavy, it's just wrong (listen to the words ;) )





BTW....I'm the lead guitarist.

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Good Morning - great mix coming out of my earbuds right from the beginning. Was this mastered? It sounds great!


Although the CD is probably done - you leads are a tad low for me. That's it for me.....


The rest is outstanding - writing, playing.....


Dynamite vocals (dryish but still some airyness).


The recording is superb - any details you can pass along would be interesting....



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