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Uploading Songs ???


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You'd probably have more answers if you posted this on the "Recording" forum.


We would need to know what your soundcard is. I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and assume that you have a cheap soundcard that came with the computer, maybe even onboard sound from your motherboard. In other words, not a pro or semi-pro audio soundcard. If this is true, your audio can only come in through the line-in jack of your soundcard.


This is one way to do it, forgive me if you already know some of this:


Go to Radioshack and buy something like this:




One end of the cable is 3.5mm jack similar to a discman or ipod earphone jacks. The other end is a left/right pair of RCA jacks.


Put the red & white RCA plugs into your Yamaha. Put the other end into your line-in jack on the computer soundcard. Make sure it's not the "Mic" input jack or you'll have distorto-mess.


Go download a program called Audacity - do a google and download it, it's free. Install it on your comp. Read the help files about how to record stuff with it and when you're ready, hit the record button in Audacity and the play button on the Yamaha.


Audacity probably saves wav files rather than mp3. You may need another bit of software to convert your files from wavs to whatever format you want to upload as.


Hope this helps.

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