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iPod Recording (Belkin)


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Recently I was introduced to the microphone attachment for iPods made by Belkin and I was wondering if anyone has done any work with this.


While rehearsing with a new band that did not know my material, the fiddle player took out her iPod and connected the small Belkin mic to it. Hitting stop/start before and after each song she had them recorded on her iPod and was able to study them days leading up to the show. How cool, huh?!


Before she left I listened to what she recorded...and it sounded pretty damn good! Apparently this add-on also can have a regular microphone connected to it.


Now, an album, I'll record in a studio. But for songwriting - and especially for making cds to give to musicians I hire - this seems to be the way to go. I'll buy a decent condenser mic and be able to lay down one track for each song (vocals and guitar at same time). If I wanted to, I suppose I could lay down vocals and acoustic guitar...burn song to disc...play back disk into condenser mic while I add mandolin, percussion, harmony, etc. Crude...well...kinda. But as I say, for songwriting and for giving my songs to prospective gigging musicians dont you think this sounds really cool???!


I'm very excited about this tool for any solo singer-songwriter that does not maintain a steady band.


Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this, please?

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