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Soundclick Trouble?

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It's just me overloading their servers by embedding their (new, embeddable) player in every page I can get my code-hungry little hands on...





No... actually I have noticed a little sluggishness from time to time in the last couple days -- even just getting my 40 or so song playlist into the embedded players (although once they start playing, things seem to mostly go swimmingly) -- but I haven't checked the lo fis.


I'm frankly more than a little worried that giving people an auto-play embeddable player (for their MySpace pages, etc) may put an unexpected load on their servers.


For many months now, the performance at Soundclick has been really good in my experience and it's only been in the last few days I've noticed this issue. Maybe it's just because I've been testing more, getting my embedded players tinkered in, etc, but I hope they haven't been too generous...



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