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Any of you [nice people] heard tamoore's tunes?


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Agreed on TA's work. It's a lot of fun and generally very well done.



But let me slip into the moderator hat for a second to respectfully request you try to keep the obscenity/profanity out of your thread titles while you're here in the Songwriting Forum.


See, the thing about thread titles is that everyone has to see them. One can choose not to read or participate in a given thread -- but there's no real way of blocking out the thread titles. (Unless the ignore list thing works there. I've never tried it and, of course, I can't really, since it's my unfortunate -- and unpaid -- task to be TOS cop.)


Other forums have different rules and customs, obviously. And that's great.


But there are different forums for a reason. This one's about getting work done.



And there are a lot of different kinds of people who come here to share their work. We have one forum regular who often has songs that are scatalogical, explicit, and occasionally violent -- they're also extremely satirical and sometimes quite funny. That contributor is very good about giving us some indicator of what his threads will be about, typically putting "Adult Material" or something to that effect in the thread title.


And that's really good -- because some of the other regulars appear to be quite religious and they come here to discuss their songs of worship and praise.


I think most of us regulars want everyone to feel at home here and I hope most of us support the notion that with free-er speech (this is, after all, a private BB owned by a commercial interest that is kind enough to sponsor this BB) -- with that greater freedom comes greater responsibility.



For all those reasons, I'm going to take the liberty -- which I don't much like doing, I'll be straight up with you -- of "fixing" your thread title.


I hope, in the future, that you can find a way to communicate the depth of your passion in your thread title that uses general-audience friendly language.





[Me... at home? I talk like a sailor with Tourette's Syndrome. But that's there and this is here. (No, wait, this is here and... well, you know what I mean. :D ) ]

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