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Your my batwoman

Your my supergirl

The nights when i see you, you save me from this world

When I'm having a bad day you come my way

And take me away


Your like batman how i see you in the night

Working hard in the morning always putting up a fight

Being a lawyer yeah i know its pretty hard

Still you come home with goods making sure i don't starve

And the times that I'm sick baby

You put your outfit on and then you save me

I wanna tell you something before you go

You will forever be my superhero


Your like superman, superman, superman

Look out my window and i see you fly by

Your so amazing, amazing, amazing

Your heroic presence never seems to die

The night after work when you get in late

You run into your room and put on that cape

Then you make dinner and clean up at the same time

I'm so lucky to have a superhero thats all mine



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I like it but I think it's a bit shallow and laking depth. I don't get as to why you had to repeat the same word 3 times twice on the second verse either. Prob be better if you put a more cohesive line togther rather than just "copping out" like that.

Does have potential but it's lacking depth but I think you have a good base with the lyrics :thu:

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You think that I go home at night

Take off my clothes, turn out the lights

But I burn letters that I write

To you, to make you love me

Yeah, I drive naked through the park

And run the stop sign in the dark

Stand in the street, yell out my heart

To make, to make you love me

I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me

I am extraordinary, I am just your ordinary

Average every day sane psycho



You may not believe in me

But I believe in you

So I still take the trash out

Does that make me too normal for you?



Liz Phair, Extrordinary


I like that she's a lawyer. I'm kind of interested in what she does with her cape. On the other hand, I have a very clear idea of what Liz can do with her cape.... :love:

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@rsadasiv: What is it with you and the Liz Phair lyrics lately!?!?!

Are you trying to prove that someone has already written what we as "songwriters" are trying to convey already? Everyone has written everything... heck if it was because of this there wouldn't be artists today... :rolleyes:

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