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for halloween- THE WEREWOLF SONG


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it's a werewolf song.... called "THE PAYMENT".

inspired by the classic horror movie "the wolfman"









it's loosely based on the original wolfman movie, the one where larry talbot gets bitten by the werewolf, and he see's the pentagram in his hand, and he knows he's {censored}ed, so he goes to the old gypsy woman to get fixed, and she basically tells him to kill himself...... what a bum deal...


anyway, these 2 brothers have been partying all night, drunk as a skunk, one of them wanders out into the moor, and meets his maker.


the other brother wants revenge, but figures he'd better get some ammunition first, so he goes to see the gypsy-witch, to get some aconite (wolfsbane) and a spell here and a prayer there, and figures he's set--so he goes out to the moor, too, to get his revenge.


but that's not what he gets......





added a download link:







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thanks for checking it out, john....


here's another idea i could float out here.........


at one point, i was considering doing this 'growling' thing, in the middle section....


i was thinking, to close-mic the amp, doing total slack string drops with the trem bar, and slightly hammering on/pull off on the slack bass string, to approximate a 'growl'....you know, cut up the track, into bits and pieces, that sounds like intermittant growling....


then, copy that to several other tracks, slightly offset each one, and then blend them as one wide track...

then, actually growl (or low speak) onto another track, but mix it super low, so it's barely there, and have it do the same exact thing as whatever the growl guitar track ends up....


so the idea is, for the middle section:


the remaining brother is wandering thru the moor, on his way to the gypsy witch's cabin....

it's dark, spooky, and obviously, the werewolf is watching him from a distance..... growling under it's breath....




som'pin like that?!

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Some of the guitarwork in this reminds me of Bumblefoot's guitarwork, albeit not as ridiculously weird and as spazzy. Interesting song, and DO THE GROWLS.


My only concern is to me it feels the vocal is kind of forced in there, it doesn't seem to weave into the song seamlessly but more floats above it. It's not an issue of mix, it's an issue of the actual vocal melody.


That being said, a very interesting tune and certainly brings the mood of Halloween upon us!

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thanks for listening!


bumblefoot, i've heard of this guy......

didn't he do a stint as guns and roses' guitar player, after buckethead split?!


well, the vocal being forced issue- i'm telling a story, and the story comes first, so i guess the music would have to change to suit the vocal, before the vocal would change vice versa.....


of course, i wanted the music heavy, to match the subject matter....

it just kind of plods along, like the werewolf walking after this dude in the fog.....


so for me, it's a GOOD thing, that the vocal kind of stands out against all the sonic sludge seriously slinging sullenly sad and scarily..........



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I was thinking the same thing, actually. I felt that I'd mention it just in case it wasn't an intentional sort of thing, which apparently it is. In fact, now that I think about it more, it's a lot less annoying and it does feel like a story. I guess I was in one of my stupid moods =P


And Bumblefoot did do a stint as a G&R guitarist following Buckethead. I think he is still doing it now actually, not entirely sure. Hell of a guitarist, really ridiculous guy, and I wish more people knew about him. I listen to his own band's stuff on a daily basis, it's really ingenious. I strongly urge you to at least check out stuff he's done, I think you'd like it.

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I guess I can see that you tried to do something cool, but, man, to me this is all kinds of awful.


And please don't do this again:


"pray to whoever you believe in

to pass over you the worst"


You used "worst" to rhyme with the "curse", but it doesn't even make sense and it makes me think you can't be the extremely talented artist I know you actually are. Even if I can't stand this song, fer cryin' out loud.. a little work for art's sake. I can think of a few things that might have worked better there right off the top of my head -- like "Pray to whoever you believe in / to spare you from his thirst". Something.

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