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new musical ideas - collaboration offer.


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hi there!If you and your music need new musical

ideas,complex textures,modern arrangements-I can

bring all this in your music))I am professional

experienced arrangercomposer.This offer is only

for serious bandsartist.Please feel free to

contact me -

Be professional,be the best!



His sashqxxx!




Welcome to the HC Songwriting Forum!


What we do here is discuss the craft and techniques of songwriting and creativity and do workshop type critiques of each other's works in progress.


It's not really a forum for self-promotion (or, ahem, commercial spam) but, of course, if one were to participate and offer what proved to be helpful, insightful comments, I'm sure it would not hurt his standing with potential customers.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your website or business info in your signature area (see the User Control Panel links) and, as you post, and as people see that you know what you're talking about, you never can tell what will happen. ;)



[Though I try not to let on -- fearful it might increase my unpaid workload :D -- I'm the moderator of this forum. In the past I've had what some might consider a heavy hand with regard to commercial spam. And if you were selling running shoes or cell phones, this thread would be just a memory. But... well, last month was Be Nice to Newcomers Month... by my own heavy-handed decree. So... welcome! ;) ]

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