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Illusional Vishnu. New Hip Hop Track.

Drumas funk

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Got the workings of a new hip hop track. Still not finished, but I have a feeling it will be soon. It's the top track. Me and a few pals are also writing lyrics for it. So here are mine, I don't have theirs yet.


The idea behind it is governmental torture to get information. Not about any government or leadership in particular, so don't any of you go and get offended about anything.:cop: Hopefully you'll find that the lyrics are very relavant to the theme, if not then I've done a bad job.







Illusional Vishnu


I know you know what's good for you

and I know you know what's in store.

Are you Really willing to find out

what's behind the door?


Come on man, just let it slip out

we got more than you can handle.

And we never make mistakes

we only make examples

and we only hold candles

to faces that need to be lit up

Smack-a-round, slap-a-round

boy you need to sit up.


A mentality that could split up

the line of good and evil

Breakin' down men with

techniques so cerebral.

Left in a position so fetal

Left in the gully for the seagulls.


Divided from the sect

Fully malfunctional and inept

the powers that be...

In full effect.



It's probably hard to catch the flow of the lyrics without hearing them. So keep that in mind.

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I like the drive of the music. I like the sounds you have chosen. It's difficult to comment before hearing the lyrics being performed, but I found that the lead synth was going a little off to nowhere. I mean, I didn't get it. Maybe when you perform it will all become clear to me. As you also say.

But I like what I hear so far :)

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there's very little to comment on. i dig the vibraphone; maybe not the vibraphone sound. the accordian (is it?), i'm not so into. perhaps that's just because accordian is played out here in puerto rico on rap records. whatever, that's just me.


there is a rhythmic break section with a BAAAD SNARE sound in there that plays a bit too much with metric modulation for me to hear it as very musical.


okay...that was the bad. the GOOD is that i totally like the vibe and feel of the production. the groove is PERFECT (minus said met.mods) and that vibraphone adds so much flayVA, it's ridic! :)


i'm very interested in what will come of this later on down the road. . . we can only wonder if Michael Mukasey is, too. :lol:

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Thanks, I've only had Reason for about 2 weeks now, so the snare roll was my first attempt at a snare roll. Any suggestions for creating better snare rolls? (assuming either of you have reason)


I'm thinking the accordian you're hearing is the sax section, once again, the bad sound is because of inexperience. Hopefully with a little time I'll figure out these little problems.


But once again, thanks a lot. I'll definitley post up the version with vocals once we get them tracked. Also, don't expect too much in terms of quality vocals, I'm probably not that great.

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Pretty cool. I like the main drum part (Dr. Rex loop?). The drum breakdown around 2:00 is a little incoherent - there are a lot of different patterns and a lot of different sounds which don't all fit together (Redrum?).


The Reason Brass patches are certainly usable/serviceable, but they don't necessarily sound recognizably like the instrument they are claiming to sample (especially if you are playing them on a keyboard, without a breath controller). I recently bought the Miroslav Brass Refill to try and get slightly better brass sounds; you can hear the results of my first go round with these brasses in my submission in this month's Songwriting Challenge.


All in all, I'm digging the groove and I think it has a nice, mellow vibe. Waiting to hear what it sounds like with vocals.

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No, Redrum that I did myself for all of the drums. I see what you mean about the precussion break, does seem a little out of place. I'll try messing with it. I may redo the sax sounds also, just to get it more recognizable. But thanks for the reply man, I really appreciate it.

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