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Looking for someone to write with.


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Hey Everyone.


I just joined this forum to find someone to write with.

I have been writting for over 2 years.

I think I have come a long way from when i first started.

I do not write a specific genre.

so if interested please contact me:



I will email back my msn so we could write.



Hope everyone has a good weekend.



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Hi, Mich


Welcome to the songwriting forum!


It might not be a great idea to post your email address here. If you want people to contact you you could ask them to use the HC BB's personal message function -- you can set up your Harmony Central account to email you when you get any pm's. (Click on the User CP link in the menu bar at the top of forum pages.) If you want to edit your post, make sure you're logged in and then click the "edit" button on your post to remove your email address or otherwise edit your post above.



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