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Women Fire (lyrics)

Mat O'D

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The sky has turned, deep murky red

Violet almost, but I don't understand

Where'd the deep blue moon go?

Full Moon, now murky red and violet skies

It's half past midnight

I still feel a quite peace on this land

All the people are saying

That girl wants too take my hand

But I know that women's damned



Set's every guys soul alight

Sets every guy in town on fire

Her flames lick higher

This women's fire

People last till she says burn

People last then they learn

This Women Fire



Better believe, this is a women I know

Or you'll be another guy

To fuel her fire and burn

Devil sent this women, she's devils messiah

Devil sent Women Fire

So they all will burn

If you look into her eyes, there's never a return

If you meet, you'll never learn

The people laughed

In return they all did burn





God sent a warning, but no one their

Still they were lead, with devils care

Straight into fire, as Earth did shake

All that was left was too stand and wait

Be lead straight into Women Fire

As Women Fire tells us all too burn

No man saved, no man left

All sent into fire

Everyone sent to burn

By Devils messiah, Women Fire

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