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Possum song(mountain flavored)

Taylor Davis

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Possum song(mountain flavored)

I was lookin somethin for supper

and i was tired of roots and grass

I needed somethin' to fill that hole in my belly

and I needed that somethin fast



I spied me a little possum baby

that would make a really goode stew

so I reached right over and I grabbed at that critter

and he let out a little baby mew



it was'nt much sound at all that he made

barely loud as cracking a egg

the very next thing i had a monster on my arm

and then it was eatin on my leg



it chewed and it growled and I was astounded by the pain

of her needle teeth biting on my bones

I ran this way and that

but was stopped by the blood

so I thought then I would use my phone


I reached in my pocket to make a cell phone call

then she clawed and chewed right up my arm


she had sharp needle teeth

and made a horse look small

never knew i could come to so much harm



the monster chewed up to my head

and with really stinky breath

tolde me to leave all her kids alone

or she would be my mama-Possum death

and i'd be moldering bone


the end

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