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Oldest amp you own right now?

Cliff Fiscal

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1960-61 Giulietti H6. It's a rebranded Magnatone 210 with a 12" speaker. 6v6 class-A output, true vibrato. A very loud 7 watts. All original except for the badly damaged original driver was replaced by a Weber Alnico Sig, and I added a fuse with the much-needed cap job.

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Here's a 50's (early 60's?) Univox amp I'm selling for a friend.







Once it leaves my house the oldest amp in my collection will be a 66 Princeton Reverb.


I own a couple 1981 Fender Concert II amps. Other than that most of my stuff is either boutique, clones or reissues.

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hmm I don't know these handles don't look right.. AFAIK the older cab did not have any handles on the sides

Yeah, looking into it you might be right. Maybe late 60s? I was kind of working off the brown cloth.

As for wiring in stereo... Well, it'll be switchable to mono too and the stereo section will be because I am planning on running a dual amp setup. My Matamp (28W) and a Ceriatone 36W Marshall clone, so 50W per side should handle that.

I have to cut a bigger hole in the back, true, but the back panel is {censored}ed anyway - previous owner has carved his band name in and put in a locking jack, badly I might add. {censored}ed up all the wood - thing is held in with gaffer tape.

Doesn't have original speakers either. One old greenback, and 3 newer ones.

That's the old greenback:

Seems to be 10th Feb 1966 from this page:

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