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Little poem "With vestigial arms"


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With Vestegial Arms:


The way things are looking in Iraq today

You'd better get ready to buy all your sake on saturday

With a strawberry cigarillo in the other hand (Acid in your bones)

Scrape the tags off me w/ polished stones


Everything I know about kissing I learned from a damn marsupial

Now you're in Cali and I'm stuck here wondering "Was I special"

I want to {censored}ing ditch to sacremento

And take E with you and rave and love and go


"This little light of mine

I'm gonna let it shine

Hide it under a bushel? NO

I'm gonna let it shine"


I want to end up in U-Dub and beat the {censored} out of your stupid boyfriend and marry you

I want my head to wash up on the beach

and I want my body to wash up on the press

I want to be your roommate

-with an amen break

-an upright bass

-in washington state


I want to come up on New York like the Cloverfield Monster.




With vestegial arms.

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It's got a good beat and I can dance to it.




To quote Liz Phair (I'm leaving off the part about wanting to be your blowjob queen - not my scene):


"You act like you're 14 years old

Everything you say is so

Obnoxious, funny, true and mean"

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