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An album ive been workin on


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Hey, Mick.


Welcome to the songwriting forum!


We're basically all about sitting around talking about the art and craft of songwriting and offering assistance with feedback and constructive criticism on works on new songs and other works in progress.


Like so much in life -- what you get out of it will likely depend on what you put in...


I hope you'll share your insight with others when they're looking for critiques -- it's a great way to let people get to know you.


And the more that people know you as someone who is willing to help out, the more eager they'll be to help you when you're looking for some good ol' constructive crit.



I listened to "Five Feet from the Ground." It has a good, slick feel to it. As you note, it needs some foreground, bigtime. That intro was almost gonna kill me... when it finally broke into another part it was like pulling a nail out of my head! :D I could see this kicking some backside with the right vocals and maybe some guitar embellishment.


"KTMFR" has a great momentum, the pinch-squeals are nice little interjections.


Can't wait to hear it all with vox!

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