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Hey Sound Proof


I'm a fan of the ju ju music this somewhat reminds me of.


I also remember how electrifying My Life in the Bush of Ghosts was back in 1981 with its heady mix of ethno-funk and sound drops... (even then it came more than a decade after the DJs on true underground radio had pioneered music and sound drop mash-ups on stations like LA's seminal and ill-fated anti-corporate-music station, KPPC)... That said, I'm not sure there's been much development in the technique since then. These days it can seem like something that people do when they can't think of how else to top off their electronica mix. There hasn't been much evolution in the technique. I guess maybe it's become a classic form... ;)[since blues and country inform a lot of what I do, I can appreciate that.]



Anyhow, this feels a bit rambling. I'm not sure the sound drops tie things together as I suspect you would have liked. Also -- though it's not really a criticism -- I was never completely sure where you were coming from with them. At first, in the context of the piece's title, I thought you were dismissing the politician of the moment; later, I wondered if the piece was in support of him. (Ambiguity is not a bad thing, mind you. No one likes being beat on the head by a political message -- unless they're already convinced. ;) )


Anyhow, this isn't the production forum and it seems you're aware that there may be some production issues but, news drops aside, the music bed and the guitar were somewhat distorted (not necessarily the good kind of distorted). One of the things about loop based mixes is that people have come to expect them to be slicker than, say, the guitar band next door's 4 tracker recordings. So, you may have an issue with expectations there. Again, not a songwriting issue.



A worthy experiment that might pay off with a little more refinement. ;)

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