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band names you dont want


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The Moment

Zeppelin Purple Grill

Move Purple

The 0,0815s

Designer Of The Insect

Purple Zeppelin

The Conflicts

Dead Giraffes

Bowl Of The Feedback Wood

Chaos Customer

The Defeated Asshole Peachs And The Reindeer

The Howdy Doodie Howdys

The Dinky Britney and the Filthy Crook Of The Habitual Duck

The Pettinghouses

Essential Gay

Rudy Ohio & the Dead Marines

The To Drunk To {censored} & the Assholes Of Surprise Choir

The Defeated Aunt of Iraq

The Taliban Rock Alliance of Afghanistan

Painful Choir Of The Reverent Asteroid

The Feedback Designers

Library Plumber Dust

Tunnel Of The Snorting Death

Arson Cannibal Bed Of The Psychic View

Corpse Of The Two-piece Curve

Bio Of The Helpless

The Mighty Pimps of Ohio

Dog Cheese

Plumber Head Of The Loveless Kitten

Degrading Last Poets

Quiet #7 Of The Sensual Auction

Sixth Blizzards

Industrial Robo Mushrooms

{censored} #45

Feline Of The Filthy & the Groovy Wrecks

Joyful Koala

Mr. Desolate {censored} And The Centers

The Flying Kink

Speed Drug And The God

The Spirit of Greenland

The Look-alikes Of The Loving

The Lukewarm Naked of Greenland

The Asthmas

Public Maroon And The Pumping Fox

Stoned Horsefly

The Missing Elephants of Mombasa

The Natural Hour

Pathetic Of The Western

The Overdose

Zoo Abyss And The Delays

Awesome Death

The Chord Cat Gorillas

Indirect Negative Of The Ninth

The Cat Chord Assassins


Lubricated Zeppelin

Skinless Zeppelin

Serial Zeppelin Of The Spice Farmer

Atomic Zeppelin Of The Rotten Justin

Impossible Zeppelin And The Corn

Dancing Zeppelin And The Eggplant

Deep Of The Forbidden

Purple Brain

Bizarre Deep Of The Deluded Purple Cracker

The Gay Tangerines

Purple Alarm And The Underground Unit

Purple Godless

Sensible Of The Silent

Move Elixir

The Faster Phantoms

The Yogurts

Cosmic Riff And The Defaulted Sunberry

Eternal Move

The Okras

Invincible Boob Balcony Repair Unit

Altered Of The Forgotten

Burrito Of The Gay Cult

Frugal Replacement Lesbians

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The bostik, the glue, the prisoners, the 5 jails. the PCV. The Ph, The days, the nights, the sweets, the bags, the 5 legs, the arms, the red carpet, the boston's, the greens, the red lights, the Teasers, the Tasers, the 5 balls, the 99%, the flights, the walls, the mirrors, the samples, the loops.

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"The Swollen Colons". If you can make it with that name, you have to be great.


"Oblique" would be a nice name, though of course it wouldn't work if you did really literal lyrics perhaps.


I always argue for something that means nothing, so that you can project anything onto it later.

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