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new hard rock melodic song "The Travel song"


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Good song, I love this style music. Somewhere between Yes and Rush. On the mix, the drums are too hot. Your vocals are too low in the mix but that may be what you intended. The guitar sounds are great and the bass is dead on. The arraingment is well thought out and makes musical sense without being predictable. Anyway, very, very well performed.


As far as the mastering of the song, it sounds pretty polished to me with the exceptio of the mix items I already noted.:thu:

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I would be happy to buy a CD and have a song like this turn up on it.


Mixwise I must second the comments of cjlinus, though the drums are just a little too hot - I noticed this less as we got into the song. The vocal harmonies sound totally gorgeous and really do need to be up front.


(It's funny that I would tell you to make the vocals louder when the single most common comment I get on my tunes is that the vocals should be louder!)



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Nice work, Bat. The lead work is very Brain May, which of course is a very good thing. It's always hard to judge vocal presence because it changes so much based on the lower mids of the speakers. But, on my weenie Creative speakers in the bedroom where I'm listening, which have hyped lower mids, they are still a little low as well, so that's probably a sign that they really are a litte low. I like the up front drums myself. It really drives the song, but the vocal is just being overpowered a bit. It's also maybe because a lot of your voice is a kind of in a high, buzzy sort of place, and the guitars are pretty present in that area I think. The right hand crash might be a little high, at least for smaller speakers that have that kind of harsh high end type of thing going on, which these of mine do.


Anyway, other than maybe some tweakage of that sort, it's a really good song, very professionally done, with a great melodic drive to it, and very satifsfying to listen to.

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thanks for listening, and commenting!

yes, and rush..... i guess, those are easy ones to grab hold of.... i hear that from time to time.

now, on previous mixes of this, everyone told me the drums were too low!


so, i guess, everyone hears something they like, and don't like..

but i did want them loud enough to drive the song....


in this case, i think yes, the bass is too loud, and that probably came from the mastering stage (it's not like that in the raw mix), so i'll go back and tweak the bass down, tweak the vox up, and leave everything else about like it is, and that should dial it in!






so you're in for a cd, eh?!!


i have a full length cd released on an independent label, called PLANET RECORDS.

if you're seriously interested, go here:



i think the drums being too hot in the beginning, is more to do with the way i have the vox mixed, because the drums dont' change at all, from beginning to end.

so, NOW i know where to focus!

thanks for listening.....




they mean that the levels are too high.

calling something that's too loud "HOT", is a typical ME term.



Dean Roddey

thanks, glad you liked it!


brian may, yes, that's probably more of an influence than the yes/rush connection.

on the vox mix- you know, i've been listening to a lot of TOOL lately, and i was kinda copying their vocal mix style a bit.

i like the vox down a bit, on this one..... so that they become more part of the music, as a melody instrument, and not the upfront element.

So it was intentionally low, but maybe, it don't work?!


so, off i go, to tweak and tweak!

and thanks for your help!

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Like others said, very good song.


Hmmm....I would raise the vocals a tiny bit, however, I think it sounds good with the vocals faded back a little bit...but it could still use a tiny bit more volume IMO.

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ok, new mix, fresh off the presses.




256 kbps mp3 download


the original mix/master version is still up, IF you want to compare.


this one:

bass level down, re-eq'd, more low roll off, guitars panned different w/level changes (up and down), vox levels up, compressor settings changed, vocal effects tweaked, Master eq and Multiband comp and limiter (vintage settings) used for mastering.

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I couldn't get thru the new mix. It hurt my ears and gave me a headache. As an audiophile, I really detest digital compression and aggressive EQ. Everybody nowadays thinks they have to make their song loudest to draw more attention but all they really do is make their music as annoying as a TV commercial. Who here doesn't reach for the volume or mute button when a commercial comes on? Also, when music is one dynamic, there's no feel or tension and release. When everything is LOUD, nothing is loud. I'm not breaking bad on your music. I think it's really good. But the first mix was the one with the magic. 2 minutes into your latest mastering, I pulled the headphones off my head and gave myself a neck massage. Don't destroy your music by following trends. Make it sound good and use the volume knob to make it heavy, yet natural. Otherwise, it just sounds like a crunchy wall of noise.


I like the tune though. All the vocals really reminded me of King's X for some reason. Keep it up, man.

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7-2-08 8:30pm update


256 mp3 download

travel song-mas-mb2.mp3 (9270 KB)





same mix as the update, but with new mastering scheme...

much gentler on the 'push'. ;)


please tell me if this one cleans it all up............



and here's a picture narrative of what i did:

(i mix my tunes to a stereo pair, and keep this pair clean-- then i apply mastering settings and bounce this down to a new pair, keeping the raw mix always)



Here is the original raw mix:

you can see that the bulk of the wave form is around -12 to -6, with the meter pegged at -2.7 on the snare strikes.....






Mastered file for the previous version:





ok, now for the new one--



Mastering settings for this latest version:






and the new mastered file:



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someone asked me for lyrics....



The Travel Song


as we journey, into the great tomorrow

we will see,

all around us, all around us

all the people who have come from so far away

and they look weary, and they look weary,

we will smile, and offer our friendship

offer our sanity, offer serenity


they turn to look for the tangible,

look as they will, they cannot find

the crucible of the devotion

look here and there, come what may


all they see, is apathy

in the faces of everyone else

then a man, with LIGHTS in his eyes,

shows them the way, and then he explains,

he understands.


everywhere that i go,

everywhere that i see,

everywhere that i know,

everywhere, that is me.


journey, to everywhere.

journey, to everywhere.

you are here, you are there,

you are there, you are there.


Following light, Following light.


I travel with you now,

following light. giving me sight.

stand, steady as a stone,

directing me, calm as the sea.


following light.

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well, i can honestly say, i've NEVER heard that one before!




hey, i dug kiss way back when...


i saw them play live at the jacksonville FLA colisseum, oh, around '75 i guess....


just a little kid, i was MIGHTY impressed with the huge flame throwers that made my face HOT from 400 yards away!!!!




thanks for listening......

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folks here aren't very into remarking about lyrics, i guess.


this lyric was inspired from an actual event...

a very vivid recounting of a travel incident....


and it was great fun, and a bit of a brain twister, for me to turn the event into a more ambiguous narration..... with the idea that it could mean more things to more people, IF it did not explain what the event was...

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