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Wintermournst lyrics - Antikrististic


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This is song is from one of my old bands, bout 2 years ago. i wrote it. all copyrighted is you wanna know :cop:, grim harsh black metal. all in original text, i think we used "ov" as "of" before alot of other bands :facepalm: (usual black metal) lol, and i use exclamation marks to point out when i draw out the last word in a long scream and the hyfen when it's a quick almost punch so others can understand the ryhtym. :blah: it sounds so short but the song had so much music it was actually like 4 minutes!:eek:

when recorded i go over the voices twice and live my old guitarist did the low scream while i handled epic high. i miss this band. :cry:

so, enjoy






Docile and resilient!

Comes thy son ov deepened wombs!

A watcher of eternity and salvations!

A bringer of storms!


Exiled son ov Babylon!

Sculpting the wounds as he came like disease!

Traveling to Sarnath-

Bokrug would fall to his knees!

They all wandered and wondered-

How Legion came with cold speed!

Luciferian rights ov pleasures-

Svek would conquer the King!


Cold son! Antichrist!-

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