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For Sale Fake BlackBerry Bold 9000 for $300


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All of our products have enjoyed great popularity in the world market and we are sure you can do the profitable businesses with our competitive price and excellent quality. So you can place a trial order now to make your profits.




Apple iphone List:

Apple iphone 3g ....300USD


Apple iphone 16GB...$250USD


Apple iphone 8GB---$230USD


Apple iphone 4GB---$200USD



Side kick:

Side kick Lx for $200usd


Side kick 3 for $150usd


Side kick 2 for $140usd


Sick kick for $130usd



Nokia product:

Nokia N96 16GB $300usd


Mokia N81 8GB $290usd


Nokia N95 8gb $230usd


Nokia N95 for $230usd


Nokia N93 for $230usd


Nokia N92 for $200usd


Nokia N91 for $200usd


Nokia N90 for $190usd


Nokia N80 for $180usd


Nokia N73 for $190usd


Nokia N71 for $170usd


Nokia N70 for $180usd


Nokia Neo for $260usd


Nokia E60 for $180usd


Nokia E61 for $190usd


Nokia E90 for $270usd.




Htc Touch Pro $290


Htc Touch Diamond$300


Htc Touch Cruise $290


HTC Advantage X7500 $280


HTC P4350 for.$200


HTC S710 for..$240


HTC TyTN for $230


HTC P3300 for.$220


HTC S620 for..$210



Apple iTouch 32GB....$290USD


Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Pink M9435LL/A ......$40 USD


Apple 40 GB iPod photo.....$40 USD


Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Silver M9160LL/A ....$40 USD


Apple 60 GB iPod Photo M9830LL/A....$60 USD


Apple 60 GB iPod photo ...$55 USD


Apple 30 GB iPod Photo M9829LL/A....$50 USD


Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle MP3 Player......$40 USD


Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Blue M9436LL/A.......$45 USD


Apple 20GB iPod Nano.....$90USD


Apple 2 GB iPod Nano....$50 USD


Apple 4 GB iPod Nano.....$60 USD


Apple 30 GB iPod Vidoe.....$100 USD


Apple 60 GB iPod Vidoe......$110 USD


Apple 80 GB iPod Vidoe....$130 USD




Motorola Razor V3 for........$130usd


Motorola Razor V6 FOR........$140usd


Motorola Slvr L7 For........$140usd


Motorola Slvr V8 For........$140usd


Motorola A1000 For...........$150usd


Motorola Mpx 220 For........ $120usd


Motorola Mpx 300 For........ $140usd



Sony Ericsson:-

Sony Ericsson W960i 8GB $290usd


Sony Ericsson W960i $280usd


Sony Ericsson K700i For......$130usd


Sony Ericsson k750i For......$140usd


Sony Ericsson W800i For......$150usd


Sony Ericsson W900i For......$160usd


Sony Ericsson S700i For.......$140usd


Sony Ericsson P900 For......$140usd


Sony Ericsson P910i For.......$150usd


Sony Ericsson Z1010 For.....$160usd



BlackberryBold 9000 $300


Blackberry 8700c ...$250


Blackberry 16MB col.$220


Blackberry 7230 ....$220


Blackberry 7290..$150


AT&T Blackberry7280.$180


Blackberry 7290.....$180



Console Games:

Nintendo Wii $160usd


Play station 3 80GB $200usd


Play station 3 60GB $150usd


X box360 for $130usd


ice cube for $120usd.





Pioneer CDJ-MK3 1000-------$750


Pioneer DJ Effector - Red-----$350.00


Pioneer System Case (CA-CMX5).......$450.00


Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Digital Vinyl Turntable---$520.00


Pioneer Dual Rackmount CD Player----$600.00


Pioneer Pro DJ Mixer------$720.00


Pioneer Rack mount pro DJ mixer----$780.00


Pioneer 96Khz / 24 bit digital mixer.-----$960.00


Pioneer Flat Speakers (ea.)------$980.00


Pioneer Professional DVD Turntable----$1500.00


Pioneer Pro DJ 96Khz 24bit Mixer----$1,600.00...............



If your choice of item is not listed , contact us for more inquiry


Discount available for 3 units and above.


We Ships the same business day after payment.


Shipment : FEDEX / USPS / UPS



Contact Email: hitech_electronics29@yahoo.com

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These lyrics display a similar je ne sais quoi frisson as Ginsberg's Howl and Eliot's Wasteland -- I see you have taken to heart Pound's stern warning to Eliot and avoided being "too penty" with your meter. Bravo, brave soul! It takes a certain kind of writer to (still) adhere to Pound's dictums.


You may have overused the rhyme on "USD" ... though cleverly subverted by "usd" which could be a critique on grammatological correctness that so plagues our society.


Is there any way to post a clip of this with the music? If you haven't written music, could you just speak the lyric and then post? Perhaps this a post-spoken word piece and just its presence is the performance?


My mind reels at the possiblities of this post-postmodern-cum-metaconsumerist manifesto.


btw, I hear that eBay is a great place to unload stolen merchandise.

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Well spoken, but I think you have overlooked that



ice cube for $120usd.



Is indicative of the post-consumerist society, and the role it will play in diminishing the interactive marketing campaign of major businesses, not to mention the trickle-down effect that will surely have on lyrical content.


The clear and intentional lack of verbosity, i.e. description of said ice cube in this example, such as cold, wet, or large, boldly enforces the speaker's ability to comprehend and take advantage of the consumer's subconscious and pre-existing experience of said ice cube. Therefore, it is surlish and base for us to actually attempt to critique such deeply planned and executed forays into the suggestive power of language. Clearly, we deal with a master and due deference should be shown.

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You go away for a few days and...


Thanks for handling this spammer, guys!



This is the first time I've been able to get through to the BB since last week (this was the case for some users but not all, apparently, due to some sort of tech issue).


Anyhow, I think I'm back so, watch out spammers...



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