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Lenny and The Scapers WIP


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I've been reading and listening....time to post up.


I've got this project going of love songs. That's right. Felt like I needed to focus for this project since I generally just track whatever I write.


Anyway, the first four have tended to be mostly acoustic with a little DI electric guitar and I wanted to pick up the pace so I mapped this one out intending to feature a fully amped electric guit. Problem is.....once I tracked the Martin and Stella it seemed to rock pretty well without the SG. Love some feedback on that.


Also, since this is a WIP I have not tracked the EB3 bass yet.


I put together the first verse and the chorus and when I got some space to track I just went ahead and scratched in the bridge stuff and the rest. I'll gladly post lyrics when I get them more together.


The song feels too long....I intended to fade it out but I liked the way it ended so.....


I love how you guys get into this stuff and I hope some of you get some time to give this a listen.



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Yeah, I think it's around a minute or so too long. I can't wait to hear it with bass. I think you're probably right that it doesn't need electric. I like the homey feel of the guitars. (Although is one on a pickup of some kind?) I usually make it a practice not to talk about lyrics unless they're posted, but I was a little worried that I was having a hard time piecing together what I thought I made out.


This has the jaunty, don't look down bounce of some of your other stuff I've heard (maybe made to feel more that way, paradoxically, because of the lack of bass so far). And eclepto's right, the vocals are cool.



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Thanks, guys........


Guits are both mic'd but that old Stella has a real punchy tone, especially when fingerpicked.


Not sure how to deal with the length. Really didn't intend it to stretch like that but I love how Stella comes in at the end. Guess I could cut something out but that usually doesn't work well.


Definitely leaving out the electric guit.....lets the piano come out.


Gotta be careful with the bass....can't let it get too busy like I tend to.


Lyrics.......it's all about a sudden change that pretty much takes away everything but that one true love, which I snuck in at the very end.


Spring came......finally!

Sure took it's time to get warm.

That cold rain should've warned me

Of a brand new storm.

I was sittin' pretty with things about to go bust.

But I'm no stranger to the rules of the game....

Hey, I can do change!


But this one put me on a cold hard track.

Just left me the shirt on my back.

When times got tough

All it left me was love.


It didn't leave me with one thin dime.

Just left me with a little less time.

The road got rough.

And all it left me was love.


Second Verse.........

Change came to find me

Just as I got home.

Hey....that reminds me

that I'm not alone.

I was on a roll when I got rolled up good.

But I'm ok....I can roll stones.

Bless my soul cause this one took me down.



The vocal chain is still hooked up and ready to track if anybody has ideas about the bridge vox or the second verse.


Thinking about some backup vox.......

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I tried to respond to this a few hours ago, but when I hit post the server was suddenly "Unavailable due to scheduled maintenance". Anyway, it sounds good but about a minute too long. The guitar work keeps it interesting but I would for opportunities to cut in the sections after the lyrics end.

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Appreciate that about the guits........really.


I know the tune is long, but I like the stuff that makes it so. When it goes on the album I'll probably fade it as I originally intended.


Been reading other threads about this subject and I think that if a tune speaks to the listener it can sustain.


But if you want some attention keep it short.

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