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SPAM ALERT: your assistance requested


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Hi, kids... as some of you regulars probably already know, we've been having a rash of Asia-based commercial spam. It seems to be coming from only one or two sources at this point. These days they are taking a more subtle approach: a line or two of broken English sometimes related to the topic of a thread and a signature line link or links to various spam-centric enterprises like "Asian Dating," discount cell phones and the like.


Your fearless moderator (me) has been trying to keep on top of it but you can help.


When you see a suspicious post, hit the little "Report this post" button (exclamation point in the middle of a red-outlined white triangle). That will send an email to me with a link to the post in question. If I determine it's a spammer -- I'm compiling a list of IP addresses I pattern match to -- I give them an infraction and life goes on for the rest of us.



Thanks for your assistance.



[bTW... signature line links are permitted to your own website, band, business, etc. SPAM -- inappropriate, off-topic, or even on-topic but pointless posts made simply to get signature line exposure -- is NOT. The determination will be made by the moderator or site administrators and is entirely their call. If you feel you've been wrongly cast as a spammer, please contact me and we will work it out.]

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