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"The Payment" - a Halloween trick for you


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halloween is the most appropriate time to post this song i think....


this is an older tune, but i decided to try a brand new fresh mix on the new daw today, a new approach, and toss it out there to you for a halloween trick or treat.




here's the lyric story:



it's a little ditty about 2 brothers and a lycanthrope.......


it's loosely based on the original wolfman movie, the one where larry talbot gets bitten by the werewolf, and he see's the pentagram in his hand, and he knows he's f***ed, so he goes to the old gypsy woman to get fixed, and she basically tells him to kill himself...... what a bum deal...


anyway, these 2 brothers have been partying all night, drunk as a skunk, one of them wanders out into the moor, and meets his maker.


the other brother wants revenge, but figures he'd better get some ammunition, so he goes to see the gypsy-witch, to get some aconite (wolfsbane) and a spell here and a prayer there, and figures he's set, so he goes out to the moor too, to get his revenge.


but that's not what he gets......




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will you, your maker, meet?


upon you cast a glance


Everything flows like a conversation except these two lines...you may have wanted that old English feel...and if so great...IMO writing these to flow like the other lines keeps it tighter...good write!

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