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How loud is a 1 watt tube amp?

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lol, the Gretsch was sold a little while back.

THe pickups were too damn low output, and {censored}ed with my fuzzes that I had dialed in for my HIGH output SG. So it was worthless as a backup, and I got bored with the Bigsby. Basically the exact same reasons I sold this one a couple years ago



yeah.. it's a little easier going to a hotter guit than a colder!

shoulda got a micro amp.... :lol:

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Generally, speaker efficiency is measured in terms of 1watt @ 1 meter. So, if you want to know how loud a 1 watt amp will be, look at the efficiency rating of your speaker. Most are in the 100db @ 1watt/1meter, plus or minus a few dBs.


How loud is 100dB? Loud enough to piss your neighbors off.

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The physics states that with everything else staying the same (speaker efficiency, tone settings, ambient noise, guitar playing style/type/tune etc) an amp has to be 10 times the power to be perceived as twice as loud. So a 10w amp is half as loud as a 100w one and a 1w one is half as loud again. Another way to put this is a 1w amp would sound 1/4 as loud as a 100w one. BUT usually small amps have small and relatively inefficient speakers and break up well before full power so that usable volume is much lower. 

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On 1/12/2009 at 4:24 PM, zygoat said:

1 watt is still loud for apartments.

That's what I would think. I know 5 is freaking loud.

IMO, headphones are the only way to be a good neighbor when you're in an apartment - especially older apartments that have no insulation. If you can hear it, they can hear it.

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