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Shadow of the storm II


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It's a new oldie... I wrote it, and recorded it a long time ago, looking for comments (not so much on the mix or recording).

Thanks, and let me know.

It's at the top.



I get it... I was about to make some kind of comment about how it sounds like you did a lot of ping-ponging and then I saw the notation that this was an old song that you're going to be making over. Ping-ponging explained. Big ideas do not fit easily in 8 and 4 track productions without some serious monkeying around.



It'll be interesting to see you remodel this...


So... how much has your own style changed since doing this back... back when?


Are you aiming to hold true to the established style or move into another approach? And are you looking to get into the song and tinker it at the song level?


Interesting questions. I find myself redoing some songs more than I should, considering how few have actually had a proper full treatment recording. I guess it's the Dave Mason syndrome. (Only really old guys will get that reference to poor Dave's obsession with, what was it, Headhunter? That one he did two and a half times over -- seems like I recall there was some kind of intervention in the middle of him redoing the same set of songs for the third time. But he could play guitar, you bet. ;) )


Your version of "Silent Night" came on as I was writing this and, contrary to my normal anti-holiday curmudgeonliness, I actually let it play. You really do a nice job on that. You're wasting yourself singing this rock stuff... :D

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wow I am blown away I didnt hear the oldie version kinda of a Floyd feel to it for me-- dont ask why I dont know--

The extra voices around 1"50 seem a little distracting not over-bearing but distracting and then you grab my attention by that sweet ass lead you throw down-- wow!!!

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