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ASCAP? Did i register correctly?


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I'm clueless to this stuff. I'm a longtime drummer/fairly new songwriter.


I signed up with ASCAP as a songwriter a year

ago because i wrote a song and put it out on a 7".

I simply just signed on as a "member" though. But Being an

ASCAP member & songwriter and owning a publishing name

with ASCAP as a songwriter are two different things right?


All I want to do is get credit for the ideas i contribute to

the songs in the bands i work with. A few times i've given

piano parts i've written to bands i've been in but never got

my share of songwriting credit.


Should I re-register with ASCAP as a publisher? did I just

need to register as a Publisher and not a member? I'm




p.s. What's this i've read about needing to set up a

business license in order to create your own "publishing"


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