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2008 Songwriting Resolutions


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So, how did you do this year?


Here's my list:


1) Record 1 original and 1 cover song each month.

Verdict: Pretty close. I did about 15 songs total.


2) Get better drum tracks.

Verdict: Not bad. I think my drum tracks have improved to the point where they are a strength instead of a weakness.


3) Create a coherent band sound.

Verdict: To some extent. I think I can adequately simulate a collection of competent musicians. I still can't always rationalize who would be playing what parts though.


4) Achieve acceptable vocal tracks.

Verdict: Better, but still a long, long way to go.


How about you?

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I wish I would have set some concrete goals and "stuck" with them. For the most parts my overall goals for 08 were:



    Overall though I have kept my monthly music average at a high, as usual. I don't do much besides writing music and work. If I were to stop writing I would likely slip into a bad depression - which of course is never a good thing...if only to help me write some excellent new material. :)

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well I must say rsadasiv I think you can be very proud with that track record of yours for 2008. I've only heard about 5 or 6 of the songs you did for the year but I'll sure be looking up the rest . I can't speak for how far you've came on drums sense I'm pretty new around here. But I will say what I've heard in that area has been strong . I think if people listen to what you did with Eclepto Funks song on Challenge 16 we'd all agree you've got the "full band " vibe going with well played parts. I can tell I am going to be listening to this one for quite some time.


Stackabones- that's awesome ! I didn't play out hardly any this year but it was cheat sheet lists taped to the floor all the way for me .


Travis Coats - I just been checking out you Site and surfing over some of your work. Catch22 is the favorite so far but I'm just getting started. Very different than what I normally listen to but I'm glad I did some snooping and found your work. The equipment list look VERY nice indeed...and even better so that you know how to use it well. Best of luck on the albums!


As for me , while not very structured on direction, 2008 was a very good year exploring new things. Done the most collaborating on music writing I've done to date. Mostly throwing out background music ideas but actually wrote a line or to of lyrics even and nothing bad happened . Go me !


The main focus has been keeping at it on mixing and mastering and completing things. While I still have plenty of idea tracks laid down I fell short on finished work. But I did make improvement on what I did complete.

Still a long way to go . One thing I did do is admit to myself I'm as addicted to recording as I am playing so this year saw some nice toys being added and getting a set recording place .Then, exploring with anything and everything I could get my hands on. The dream is a actual studio space where I can make enough to feed the very bad gear addiction that's growing and growing and growing and ......


I'm gonna take the idea of goal setting rsadasiv had here for 2008 and apply it to myself for 2009.


All the best to everyone for their 2009 ,


T bone

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