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"It To Quiet" by Serena Matthews..


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This kills me, because I love Serena Matthews (and I didn't know anyone else knew who she was, maybe I need to get out more) and actually know your band from elsewhere... but this Songwriting Forum is oriented to giving feedback to original works in progress -- and has strict rules against posting covers or anything that might be construed as promo. There's a sticky thread at the top of the forum listings called SW Forum RULES (read this BEFORE posting!) :: RESOURCE LIST -- the first post has the basic rules.


Anyhow, I'm the moderator, so I've gotta close this thread. But I'm on my way to your MySpace page to check out the song on my own time... ;) [Dang... thwarted... I couldn't get your songs to play in FireFox 3... and the page wouldn't even load below the header in IE7... I'll check back. :) ]

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