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uptempo rock tune, "Work It Out"


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download, or stream.










a fun little tune about not arguing, and working it out.


the drummer, worked his parts out from a distance..

using an old demo of mine, with drum machine, stripping the drum machine off and replacing it with a click..

then tracking new drums, sent me the tracks, and i started over, building up the rhythm section and then the vox.


pretty simple straightfoward mix...

going for an old classic rock mix vibe...



Work It Out

I never think about the reasons that we

do the things we do

I always figure, it will work out by tomorrow.

yeah, I don't like to argue over little things

let's talk it out, with a smile, and walk

away happy.

Let's work it out, yeah, man, it's cool.

Let's get it back together.

There ain't no sense in arguing

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Holy carp! That starts out with a swift kick in the head! :D


This is one exuberant, seemingly impossible to contain track, man. The lyrics are slim but ably do the job required of them. The sentiments might be more in keeping with a sensitive little ballad, but here the lyrics (and the irresistable insouciance in the address of the protagonist's significant other as man -- lately I've been hearing 20-somethings address their GFs as "bro" and "dude" -- now that is post-feminism :D ) work just fine in the hard rockin' context You've got that double tracked vocal thing down like a science. And the other guitars, bass, and drums work great together. I was the tiniest bit iffy about the neat little descending keyboard chord figure... I liked it but I wasn't sure if maybe it was a distraction here... or maybe it's a little breather that didn't seem to be necessary but which actually gives the song that little bit of clear space that makes the freneticism of the main song seem just right. I dunno.


Anyhow... Dude, this rocks!



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I dunno who this reminds me of but this really does rock...there was a little keyboard part towards the end I liked a lot...not much of a lead in when the music starts...just smacked me in the face...a little warning could help the listner get ready...all and all good hard rock sound...

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seems i can always count on you for the most colorful reviews!


yeah, the lyrics are pretty slim.....

i think it's early beatles influences, with a minimum of words to convey an idea...

i think i like to see if i can come up with a lyrical framework, and leave a lot empty, to see if the mind wants to fill things in....


i'm trying to be less...... verbose.



the double tracked vox, yes, listened to a lot of robert plant, and noticed from day one, how almost every lead vocal was performed twice, and then blended together.

i don't use it all the time, but it seemed perfect for this song.

the trick is, singing it the same way twice!



i never clone tracks, that doesn't work at all, for me..... i'll listen to the original lead vox track for a long time, try to learn the inflections, all that, and rehearse it, before i lay down a second performance... sometimes the 2nd one becomes the main one, just depends on how dialed in i am.


it's not supposed to be perfect, that's on purpose as well, to keep a rock vibe to it, a little loose around the edges, a bit of snark.


the keyboard part, you know, i had it all mixed down nice and subtle at first...


and i kept thinking, as i got nearer the end of the mixing, that i just wanted it to be rude.

exactly like you said, a distraction, a change in direction, a moment to reflect, in a different direction, and then BAM, hit it with the end solo, like a slap in the face.

it worked for me, but some folks, it just rubs em the wrong way.

hehehe maybe that's good...



thanks for listening.




yep, hit the ground running, that's my motto.


glad you dig it...


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hey, thanks for the help!!



i had given up on this one, just figured nobody was into it.....




Microwave Walrus




David E H

that's cool, that you gave it a listen, and commented, even when it's not your thing.

way cool.




it's only two minutes long now!



Dee Eff-

thanks for checking it out, and the kind words....

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