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French Letter EP (free & streamable)


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Just finished this EP this semester - it was a marathon effort, recording, mixing, and mastering all in the basement of the college library (with graduation and 'the deleting day' as the ticking time bomb)


But, anyway, I'm planning on remastering a track or two and forging on to more recording, possibly a lot of home recording. And it's up at




For all to check out, critique, and download. Let me know what you think!

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Congrats on finishing the EP!


Problem is... the songwriting forum is focused on the process and craft of songwriting and the critique/feedback process is intended to be focused on songs in the process of being written.




Because otherwise this forum simply becomes a promo-fest, with a flood of folks posting their latest finished tracks -- and sometimes the very same track over and over, sometimes even covers -- and that pushes legitimate songwriting critiques, feedback, and discussion right out of the way.


Also, while the sound of things occasionally does rear its problematic head, this is not a recording, production, or mastering forum so we try to direct those seeking that kind of feedback to some of the other forums where they can get they type of attention they actually are looking for.


So I hope you'll understand that, as SW forum moderator, I've had to close this thread.



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