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Cloud Keeper Lyrics


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Was out having a smoke watching the clouds go by, figured I'm write a song about the guy who's job is to keep that stuff moving. Thinking of real slow doomy/sludge music to go with it.


Cloud Keeper


Born of fire in the eternal sky

mother sun's warmth

powers my flight

endless expanse beyond all

tend atmospheric planes

with fury and might


Behold the Cloud Keeper


storm growing under my skin

thoughts of darkness

torment my mind

seasons pass

soon winters eve

Here I labor for all time


Behold the Cloud Keeper


spreading out

beyond the horizon

for the rest of days

cycle of death and rebirth

play out

beneath my gaze

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Cloud Keeper is cool phrase.


That first set of lines could be, I don't know, less Lofty.. I mean, Born of fire? Eternal sky? Fury and might? I know you want to be heavy. But sometimes you can be so overwrought that it becomes goofy.


The other two verses were cool though. Storms under your skin is particularly nice.

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