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"I Hate"


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First thing, this is a VERY dark song. I personally tihnk it sucks, but oh well. You have to understand where I was coming from in my life at the time, you can't just say that I am always like this. This was during a very dark time in my life.


I hate all of You


Give me a reason!

Give me a reason!


Running through the dark

I cannot express

The audible images

In my head

While fate isn't life

And life has no fate

I'm left here

Trying to decide which to take


There's no reason why

You would have to love

Everytime I hear it

My heart starts to budge

Ilove her no longer

It's just wasted time

All her pictures

They are just sublime!


You make me feel great

You make me not hate

You make me (every little thing that I despise)


I hate everyone of you

Every single one of you

I'm tired of the human race

Something less can take our place

Her laugh can secretly kill me

I hate everything!!!!



Do I live a life of anger

No one

Seems to even care anymore


I hear her voice

I kills on the inside

I need to a find someone

I need her out of my mind

Her, face is tatood in my brain

God, where are you I'm going insane


I hate everything!!!

Everything hates me!!!!

No cares!!!!

NO one loves!!!!!!!!

No one needs someone like me!!!!!!


I'm bleeding through my throat

My voice is coarse and torn up

I'm worn out and exhausted

Now you won't have me to worry about!...

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