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Alabama vs. Florida song


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I wrote this in literally 5 minutes, enjoy



Walking into the stadium

Their hearts are filled with cheer

As the florida gators are for sure

That they will win this year

Screaming and chanting

It's finally kick-off time

The greatest game has started

The gators, are on the line

They scored a touchdown

Boy was it easy

But little did they know

that this would not be their season

I think that they just got to cocky

But I guess it would've been better

If they just stuck to hockey

Harder, and harder they tried to go

But ingram was way too fast

Our defense blocked, everytime tebow passed

1 touchdown, 2 touchdown, 3 touchdown, go

Crimson Tide Alabama, to the BCS bowl

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A solid example of a topical, probably pretty ephemeral song. It captures the key events and sets them down, and has some songwriting humor along the way, in the form of a couple of amusing rhyme stretches.


Will it last the ages? Probably not. But it marks a moment in time.



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