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My first computer recorded song...


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With the proviso that I don't comment on lyrics unless posted as a rule, this sounds well put together and arranged. The recording is rough, but, what the heck, a couple more under your belt and I imagine you'll get the hang of that. (I'd practice remixing this. I suspect with the tracks I hear here, the right mix could sound really radio-ready, as we used to say. One specific on that off-topic ish: I appreciate the rejection of orthodoxy evident in the choice to put the drums on the side -- but in this song, I think I'd put them in the middle where folks expect 'em. Here's my thinking: as written and performed, this is very accomplished mainstream rockin' country pop, not quirky, left field roots or retro. I'm thinking drums to the side is better suited to roots trio or retro stuff... you know, stand up on one side, small kit on the other, guitar and singer(s) in or around the middle. Just a thought.)

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