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Brittany's still home to me (Original song)


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There's a disjunct between your twangy country/Americana delivery and the subject matter, the Bretagne province in northern France, that brings a smile to my face. But having spent time up that way -- and hearing C&W playing a few times there and briefly getting to know a few Bretons -- I also feel like it's somehow oddly appropriate, too. (And I was certainly pelted with rain a few times up there, too, including what until recently was the heaviest rainstorm I've ever been in.*)


Anyhow... on to the song.


You know, it's got that classic eulogistic chamber of commerce thing going that so many songs of regional/cultural pride have and, within that framework, it's well crafted (although the rhyme of the last two lines seemed awkward/forced; I think that last rhyme requires reworking).


But the occasional, somewhat subdued flashes of self-deprecating humor mixed in with that on-the-sleeve pride, seemed to point the way to an approach to such a song that might have a little more visceral but not necessarily chauvinistic appeal. Like many northern people, the Bretons, it seems to me (from my in-depth cultural analysis over a total of 3 weeks in two visits, at least two weeks of which were spent seriously abusing alcohol :D ) have a spikey, proud-but-self-knowledgeable sense of humor about themselves that, if brought more to the front, might give even more of the flavor of the place. (As I imagine it from my brief visits, anyhow. ;) )


*The new champ was a rain storm with with a tornado/cyclone that dumped a huge amount of water on my place, mostly in about 5 or ten minutes. There was about 18 inches of water in the (barely tapered) trash can that someone had thoughtfully left open. A tornado was reported and I'm about 500 feet from a bay, so, that's my thinking. But it took that to knock that N. Atlantic storm in Brittany in '71 off its pedastal as my nastiest storm. And, in both, there was a combination of extremely sudden shifts in barometric pressure and big rolling claps of thunder. I have to say that it is much nicer being in your nice, warm flat for such a rain storm than cowering with your wide-eyed GF in a tiny pup tent.

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