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Nacho Mama


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I am working on some lyrics guys. Done in traditional blues style..

This song theme is "Nacho mama"


Help me..;



I was down in San Antone , deep in the Westside

Was all own my own, when she came and asked me for a ride

I said "sure baby, you sure is fine, and then I says "Como se llama?",

She laughed at me told me then then

" Aye Gringo.. Yo soy "Nacho Mama"




Nacho mama, aint yo mama No mo..

OH, Nacho Nama aint yo mama , no Mo


Well I spent a week with nacho mama

best week in my life

She made me a man again

Renewed my life

I was going to ask her to stay one day, but she left later that night

I begged her to stay , but she went away, and disapperad into the night, sayin'



Nacho mama aint yo mama No mo

Oh Nacho mama aint yo mama no mo


Been thrteen days, since I seen my mamma here

I miss her so much, I look and I look and look for her every'where

In the street, at the park, in daylight and after dark but i guess...



Nacho mama aint my mama No mo

Oh Nacho mama aint yo mama no mo

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I'm not sure I completely get the rhythm/flow here, but, lyrically, it's got most of the pieces of this kind of epigrammatic little story-lette...


But one thing I'm left wondering -- and maybe that's OK -- but why on earth would a Mexican gal be called Nacho Mama? I'll admit it's been more than twenty years since I was south of the border, but back then, I don't think folks knew what nachos were outside of the big tourist traps. Burritos, yeah, that had made its way down... Not to say I can't imagine possible scenaria, say, a bunch of frat boys giving her the name because it's the only Spanish they can think of. Still, it's a bit that begs explanation in my mind... Again, you may well make a (possibly wise) strategic decision to leave that a mystery (and mystery can be plenty valuable, no question).


Anyhow, you might want to shoot this past us when it's got the music going and let us see how it's coming.



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