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Good/Bad? You Tell Me!


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I never let not being able to sing stand in my way. :D


It has a catchy, if faintly familiar feel (is there a riff that hasn't been done before? I'm not so sure).


I like the way you've structured it. You have a nice feel for flow. I particularly liked the 'speed up' section and the moves to and from it. Like any successful change-up, it makes you like the surrounding parts more and gives the listener 'something to look forward to.'


I think you've got a strong little alt pop ditty here ready for some foreground vocals and maybe a lead instrument. (You might also consider adding some very simple organ type block chords in a section or two. Might augment the already inviting change-ups.)


Do you have lyrics? Why not go ahead and throw on some vocals, if only so you can use them to teach a vocalist, should you find one you want to use. (You don't necessarily have to play them for anyone -- although we're generally not a judgmental lot here when it comes to singing or instrumental prowess -- particularly if it's made clear that a given part is just a stand-in or first attempt.)


Solid work so far! Finish this puppy up as much as you can for now, possibly work to improve your own vocals (you can do it) or look for someone to handle that aspect, and start working on the next one! :)

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Not bad!!!


You're onto something with the melody. I don't know that it needs a vocal actually. It works as an instrumental.


But if you do singing, try and do something that compliments the lead, not something that tracks it.


For some reason the playing recalled the Strokes to me. Kind of an echo of "Take it or Leave." But only during the crescendo section.


Only critique is the playing could be, well, simply tighter, just a bit crisper.


But nice.

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