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Songwriting Challenge 32 - Enter A Songwriting Contest


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Guitar Jam is having its annual songwriting contest this month.




It's good fun: Chicken Monkey has been in it the previous 3 years, I've been in it the previous two years, and tamoore, who won last year, workshopped most of his first two albums here in the Songwriting Forum.


Write a song and email the mp3 to Cheese Grits by May 31st, and I'll see you all back here on June 1st to talk about Songwriting Challenge 33 - Breakdowns.


To give you a little idea of what the entries are like, here are the last two winners:


tamoore - Same Old Song Again

Cheese Grits - Zombie Girl


and if you are really interested in previous years, Prages is still hosting a lot of the entries:






Good luck!

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this is a good idea for those who can make polished recordings ... i'll sit this one out


i'm working on a song called "Love, I've Been Waiting," which despite its obvious cliche just won't let go of me. maybe i'll post it towards the end of the month

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Here's the chord progression I've got so far: AABA, with a jazzy feel.


A Part


Bm7 Em7/9 Am7 Dmaj7 G#m7 C#7

Bm7 Am7 G F# E A D


B Part

Bm7 G A


Not really sure about the link between the verse and the chorus (C#7 to Bm7) - it kind of feels like I should be starting somewhere else, but I don't know where that is.

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