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Two new songs up: Would love some honest reviews

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Hey guys and girls,


Been working away on writing/recording between sleeping and my day job and have a couple new songs finished. I'd love to get some honest, objective feedback from other songwriters. The songs are in that vague pop rock category.


FYI, I'm not trying to market myself as an artist, but rather trying to market my songs to labels, artists and publishers. I don't need to be the rock star. I just want to do what I love and get checks in the mail. :)


Here's the link: http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/StevenPenn


Thanks for taking the time to check them out,



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I'm listening to "Believe Me" as I write this. It's a strong demo package, it might be licensable on its own. I've heard a lot less polished stuff on the radio. It wouldn't be hard to imagine it finding a place somewhere in a film or TV show.


But I can't help but notice it's pretty much a finished track, complete with all the trimmings, a huge production.


Problem is -- because of the understandable desire of artists to self-promote (who else will, eh?) -- we in the Songwriting Forum unfortunatley end up with a problem keeping the forum open for feedback and discussions of actual works in progress.


So, we've had to institute a rule requiring that songs posted for feedback are actually that: in progress.


You can read the no-nonsense rules here:

SW FORUM RULES (read BEFORE posting!)



Still, since you're clearly an accomplished songwriter, I'm positive you could make a big contribution in terms of providing insight and feedback to others and -- when you're looking for feedback on what you're in the process of writing, the fact that you've been there for others will likely mean folks will want to help you out, as well.


I'm the moderator of this forum, so if you have any questions or problems, please feel free to pm me.





PS... to be fair to others who have suffered the same fate for the same reasons, I'm afraid I have to lock this thread.


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