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Dream it Over Again - New Song


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When you are staring out, past your nose

can you think you see it?

Or has it even stopped growing?


And when you are looking down and past your feet

are they slow and are they completed?

Or did they stop growing too?


Oh. Gather 'round, for us all

it's time for us to have a ball

with or without it. How about it? For you.


Yes we dream on, we dream on for days.

With or with out it. What do you say?

Let's do. Let us do...

Yes we, dream on and then we dream on some more.

We dream on 'till they close the damn door.

Oh, yes we do.


And then we close our eyes again

and try to dream on about it for a while.

Does it work for you? Oh, I've heard it works

for your style.


Or, do you perhaps fall asleep

only just to keep your thoughts

from escaping you...hmm what a clue.

So yes we, yes, yes we do..


So yes we, we dream on, we dream on with out it.

Oh we dream on and then we talk about it.

Oh lord. Yes we do.

So yes we dream on, we dream on out about it for days,

Oh we dream on into a daze, it's true you,

and now it is true for me too.


That is what I have thus far. I really like where it's going. It was written as a conversation between two people...myself and my lyrical idol about how he comes up with some of his songs.. so that was kinda cool. It also has some other underlying meanings too. Just a fun, deep song.


The music to this, I have not written yet.. But I have the idea in my head for a soft, acoustic (think Mraz) style melody with guitar feathering going on, every now and again. If it helps, read it more as a poem, although it does have a musical idea behind it.


As Always, critiques will receive critiques from me :)



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It works. I would have to really listen to the lyrics in the context of a song, but there is nothing that stands out to me as being gag-inducing. Write the rest of it now :)


I had "Let It Be" playing through my head as I was reading this.

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