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Posting youtube videos


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I've tried but I never get the picture with the big play button on it? I see that icon above on the far right? and when I click it and put my link it it? I get this.


[Robby, click the EDIT button for your post here (so you can see the codes) and look at these links:


Yours isWRONG:


Now, look at this correct youtube tag and see how I only included the part after the v=

This one is RIGHT:


[end_message_to_Robby :D ]


But anyone else who wants to see the links can just QUOTE this post (you don't have to actually go all the way and save/post it) and so should be able to see the bare code.


-- blue2blue



I put the link between the two comments? But no picture? Just a big blank white square? What am I doing wrong? (with youtube videos)

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There seems to be a glitch somewhere. I reposted a Youtube video that I posted before and it came up fine in preview. Then I tried posting a new one and made sure the code was the same or equivalent, and I couldn't see any difference in the code, but the video doesn't come up. It looked like we posted the same video! White on White! Or pale blue.



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From the handy SW Forum Rules & Resources:



post a video using this BB's YouTube tags
(which allows the video to embed in the forum page), use
just the ID code
for your YouTube vid: if the URL of your video is, say,
-- you would simply use the final string of letters and numbers behind the equal sign (in this case,
) between the BB YouTube tags,
the whole URL.



Sometimes there's extra stuff after the video ID code, like this:




You want the part after the ?v= and before any &blahblahblah

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, but this is the format I used, I get a blank white block?


You finally got it figure out, yeah?


Like I said, all you should have to do is hit the quote button on one of the posts where I successfully embedded a vid -- or hit the edit button in your post where I edited it -- and just look at the YouTube code as I used it, which obviously works -- or like Jerry says, delete everything from the equal sign ( = ) and left and stick the remainder between YT tags.


So, instead of this:






You would delete the equal sign and every thing to the left of it and you would end up with this (which is the basic video ID):





Don't worry. You're not the only one who has a mental block about this.

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