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Feedback on my songwriting...

Noelle LaRae

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i recently recorded 3 acoustic tracks. they're pretty basic (vocal/guitar/piano) and to the point. the easiest way to get to them is:




i'm looking more for feedback from a writing/composition standpoint on the songs. not so much of the "well you could really benefit from a full band" type of suggestions. thanks for any feedback though, i'm always striving to improve.


PS: if you like what you hear, please "Like" me or tell your friends that you think might be into it!!

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Hi, Noelle!


Welcome to the HC Songwriting Forum...




Text version:


First a big, friendly cut-n-paste welcome to the Songwriting Forum!


The basic mission of the forum is the discussion of the art and craft of songwriting and offering assistance with feedback and constructive criticism on works in progress.


Of course, giving thoughtful comment requires some time and energy. You'll probably want to look at the Rules and Resources sticky thread for guidelines on getting the most out of the forum.


Like so much in life -- what you get out of it will likely depend on what you put in...


We hope you'll share your insight with others when they're looking for critiques -- it's a great way to let people get to know you. And the more that people know you as someone who is willing to help out, the more eager they'll be to help you when you're looking for some good ol' constructive crit.





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good work! I can give you my opinion and in no way it is intended to offend your work. Also....I am not english so I will eventually {censored} up a word or a thousand :-)

to the point: I think you express "best in right place right time" and worst in "barstow". they are both very nice songs both for a lyrics and musical composition .....the artist that came to mind while listening was a bit of suzanne vega for the lyrics and the overall feeling, a bit of tori amos especially on right place right time....


what threw me a little off on barstow is the way you sang it maybe for the RnB/soul that did not quite fit the tone of the song

...on the other hand on rite place rite time you go smoother, and explore a little more the lower register of your voice which is absolutely gorgeous.


In plain english i would eliminate the RnB Soul type of singing for this type of music. you are gifted with a great voice that allows you to do pure vocal acrobatics...for this type of composition the smoother approach works much better. I hope i have picked the right words to give you something constructive here. Good luck and keep rocking. Thanks for sharing :-) matt

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Well Noelle, you have a great voice. My net PC has issues with facebooks music player so I can only listen to the first tune.:mad:

But, I think the more broken down appraoch works for you, I honestly would love to hear some bare-bones acc. guitar and vocal stuff-(recorded raw as possible) from you. I am a sucker for piano and vocal too.

I think your arrangements already are good to go, this may be one reason why you get so many, "I'd like to hear it with the whole band." comments.

I find that when people hear something that they like and can associate with something else they tend to compare too much and will ask, "Why doesn't this have drum and bass on it?"


Anyway, thanks for sharing!


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Wow. I'm listening to You Don't Matter to Me...it's very poignant...and your voice is SO GOOD! Really clear and strong and resonant...but subtle, you don't just yell all the time like some otherwise good singers do, you know?


Love the piano in that song too.


Love the guitar chords and sound in Barstow. It's very understated in a way...the vocals are flawless as I expected from listening to the first one, above.


Right Place Right Time...gorgeous piano again. And beautiful voice.


These are all really, really good. I can't really even think of where you could improve or change to be honest...just WOW.

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