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y u mad / haters gonna hate

Microwave Walrus

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That is truly something else... sort of David Thomas imitating Jonathon Richman singing the little kid down the street's compositions -- and it's oddly enjoyable within those bounds... but, well, it doesn't belong here.


You keep posting in this forum but you seem to keep missing this sticky thread at the top of the listings:

Resource List :: SW FORUM RULES (read BEFORE posting!)



Since I've pointed this out to you before and you seem to continue to choose to ignore it, let me spell it out for you:

6 Basic, no-nonsense rules

This is a strictly work oriented, on topic only forum for the discussion of songwriting issues and for getting and giving constructive criticism on
works in progress

  • Please
    post covers

    Many more people perform and record covers than write original songs. If we let people post covers, it would soon be all but impossible to find original songs here.

  • No promo

    This forum is for the
    of songwriting craft and getting feedback on
    works in progress

    There is one exception to the
    no promo

    The Monthly Showcase Thread
    -- completed songs, videos, bragging, show alerts, you name it.

    It's also OK to come back later and add a link to a finished version of the song in its critique/feedback thread.

  • PG-13
    CONTENT and COMMENTS ONLY -- unless there is a content warning in the thread title

    People as young as 13 may be browsing Harmony Central forums.
    There are people with widely varying sensibilities who use this forum. We want them to feel as welcome as possible.

    If a thread or linked song contains graphic sexuality, vulgar language, morbid, disturbing and/or violent content, please add a content warning to the thread title like "Warning: violent/disturbing content."

    Violations of this rule can result in summary deletion of a thread at the sole discretion of the moderator.

  • Treat each other with respect

    This is a
    zero tolerance zone for insults, trolling, or drive-by cruelty
    . Please treat fellow members with consideration. [
    A special note on discussions of religious songs

  • No fan threads

    No threads focused on a single song or artist. But we encourage thoughtful discussions about song genres and songwriting conventions and encourage comparative analysis of varied works. (IOW, just don't prattle on about your favorite songs.

  • Suggestions become property of the songwriter
    where applicable

    Suggestions or contributions made to a song or composition in this forum should be considered a
    to the songwriter/composer and automatically become his or her intellectual property. Any other arrangements must be made
    between individuals


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