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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


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As I'm going away interstate tomorrow, I won't be on here at all until I get back on 29 December. Then I'll be sad and depressed cause I'll be missing the family & friends I just left, and also cause I have to go back to work the next day, which absolutely SUCKS! Also cause when I get home my partner won't be here (she gets back the next day), and my cat "sons" also won't be here (they also return the next day). So...I will be a sad sack, for sure. :cry:


Anyway...I wish everyone here a wonderful Christmas and festive time...I hope you and your loved ones are happy and that the holiday is full of love and laughter...and lots of delicious gorge-worthy food.


I'd also like to say I can't thank everyone on here enough for their support and amazing feedback and discussions about my various songs and questions...if it weren't for you all, I would never have written a song or be as in love with making music as I am right now, at this stage of my life.


Happy Christmas!! :wave: I'll be baaack!

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