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Feedback for a new song?


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this is my first shot at writing a song, any feedback is welcome. try to be constructive, but if its garbage let me know.


this song came out of a sort of depressed time in my life and how i felt after leaning on my faith to pull through it. its simple and i wrote the whole thing within 5 minutes of waking up one morning, so it is what it is.



Gone Away


It's been a long time since I've felt this way,

thought those dark clouds were here to stay, verse 1

but now it seems they've gone away,

gone away.


it may have put my will to the test,

but i've finaly laid my past to rest, verse 2

and today's gonna be a brighter day,

brighter day.


before anybody else can help,

you've gotta learn to forgive yourself, chorus (2x)

i learned that the hard way,

the hard way.


now that this change has come my way,

I'm never gonna go back to O.K., Verse 3

this brand new me is here to stay,

here to stay.


I want to spread this along to everyone else,

this crazy love, this magic spell, Verse 4

so everyone can feel this way,

feel this way.




Verse 1



thanks for reading.

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